Sensory Impairment 

Sensory impairment is the lack of senses such as hearing and seeing. We support service users with hearing impairment, visual impairment or dual which is deaf and blind. They are common impairments which can affect people of any age especially the elderly. We at Nation Care ensure to treat those with impairments normally by ensuring they are communicated

Hearing Impairment 

Hearing impairment is a common loss of sense in elderly care. It is important to ensure service users understand the support they are receiving. This includes identifying those vulnerable clients that have this. 

Visual Impairment 

Visual impairment is very common in elderly care. Our care workers have great and knowledgeable experience in caring for those who are visually sighted. Whether this is a condition you are aware of or is new to you, we can a care worker who will support you with your daily activities and communicate with you.  

Dual Sensory Impairment

Dual Sensory is the impairment which affects both hearing and seeing. For example, a service user who is deaf and blind. We at nation care agency place the correct level of support which is tailored for this SU. Communication is a key factor and ensuring that you identify yourself clearly for the service user to understand you and be comfortable with you.